Tracy Mollison

The mother of five had a difficult childhood and never had the opportunity to receive a good education. So, when her youngest child started school two years ago, she embarked on a 'personal battle' to prove to people in her past what she was capable of. As a fruit picker’s daughter, Tracy always loved the outdoors, so she enrolled in a Certificate III and IV in Horticulture at SuniTAFE.

She took to the subject so much that she then began a Diploma of Horticulture alongside a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment so she could pass on her passion.

“I love indigenous plants and what they can do – they grow well in the local environment and have so many health benefits,” Tracy said.

“This knowledge was lost through the stolen generation and it’s sad that it’s not being taught within the Indigenous and wider community.”

Tracy said she wanted her story to be a lesson for her children and the community. “There’s young people out there in the Aboriginal community who have problems at home or are dealing with things from their past, just like I have."

“I want to show them that life can throw blocks at you to try and stop you, but you can overcome it. No matter what you’re going through, education can change your life.”