Indi Clarke

For Indi, it seemed inevitable he would end up working within the Indigenous community. His family always had strong links to the community, and he was brought up to live a life of compassion and empathy.

His desire to give back led him to find employment at Mildura District Aboriginal Services (MDAS).
He began as a trainee and, after completing a Certificate IV in Business through SuniTAFE, was promoted to Youth and Community Engagement Facilitator.

Indi said that now he had completed his studies, he was in a much better position to help others.
“The course opened up so many possibilities for me, and I am tremendously grateful to SuniTAFE and MDAS for their support and guidance."

“Through education we can become anything we want to be ... I love working within my culture, and now I can help to provide better opportunities for our youth and community.”

As someone who struggled with a traditional education, Indi said he was an example that there were learning pathways to suit everyone. “I’m an advocate for the VET system because it’s set up for people like me who learn by doing,” he said. “SuniTAFE has a strong support system, there are course options for people at all levels, and there’s so many things you can go on to do."

“My course covered all aspects of business and taught me skills that I can use in my personal and professional life ... It has shaped the person I am today and has given me the knowledge, courage and understanding to be a leader in my studies, workplace and community.”