Carmody Forbes

Carmody Forbes is a graphic designer 3 days a week at the local Mildura newspaper, Sunraysia Daily and runs a freelance design business ‘The Thoughtful Geek'

“I make advertisements that appear in the paper. I have been here since I finished my Diploma of Graphic Design at SuniTAFE about six years ago.  I’ve learnt so much on the job and have become very productive at time management and multitasking.  I also run a freelance design business, “The Thoughtful Geek”, which is my passion and makes me happy.  With that business, I specialise in branding for new businesses that are meaningful and reflect who they are and their values. 

Studying at SuniTAFE enabled me to work in a career that is focused on creativity and imagination, which I’m passionate about and love to do every day. 
I really loved learning about typography – and pulling apart different typefaces.  I think typography is so important in designs and can completely change the look and feel of your work.  I also was grateful for the small class sizes because I never felt lost and could get one on one help. 

One of the most valuable things I learned in my course was that creativity can solve problems and connect people through meaningful designs.

The SuniTAFE staff were fantastic – I think because they were super creative people themselves - their passion for different areas of design oozed out while they were teaching and made students excited to learn and soak up information on those topics.

I think you can be anything at SuniTAFE if you apply yourself.  The resources, staff, expertise and knowledge surround you but you have to make a commitment to learn, reflect and keep trying.

SuniTAFE enabled me to learn and grow into the creative person that I always wanted to be.”