We invite you to partner with us in creating the horticultural farms of the future.

Join our network of partners and support our growth

SuniTAFE is looking to partner with corporations and foundations to accomplish the vision for the SuniTAFE SMART Farm to be the leading trainer provider in SMART horticulture farming, combining best practice with cutting edge technology to develop the people of today into the workforce of tomorrow.

Your partnership will enable us to:


The existing production horticulture training facility at the SuniTAFE Farm in Cardross into a SMART Farming Horticultural Training and Innovation Hub (SuniTAFE SMART Farm).  This facility will be purpose-built for vocational training.  It will have sites suitable for trials and testing and provide access to cutting-edge technology, innovators, automation and data. 

Our ambition for the site includes:
  • IoT (LoRaWan Internet of Things architecture)
  • Its own sensor network and systems for:
    • Water management 
    • Fertigation management
    • Individually captured drainage for research and analysis purposes
    • Full diagnostic and sensor monitoring for any application required
  • SMART class rooms
  • SMART laboratory
  • Virtual reality training simulations
  • Plant stock and tissue stock
  • A state of the art SMART Green and Glass House with associated technologies
  • Conference facility to host international and domestic trade events
  • Information centre and partners pavilion

2. Revolutionise

The TAFE Farm Training model and create new educational programs in SMART Horticulture Farming. These programs will include changes to the way we attract students, support the existing farming workforce and conduct training, in areas like:
  • Farm Hand, Supervisor and Management
  • Food Safety
  • Irrigation Management and Water Broker
  • Tractor Operator
  • Packing Shed Roles
  • Quality Control
  • Agronomist
  • Heavy Automotive
  • Robotics
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Management and Accounting
  • Water/Land Conservation and Management
  • New Energies (solar, wind etc.)

3. Attract

The best and brightest from the region and beyond to partner with us, teach, experience, trial, network, research, show, tell and learn.  The SuniTAFE SMART Farm will inspire a growing network, including:
  • Farmers, enterprises and suppliers
  • Students
  • Community
  • Government
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Guest speakers and influencers
  • Indigenous groups
  • Industry leaders and groups
  • Schools and colleges
  • Technology providers
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