Done. Undertaking training at SuniTAFE is hands down one of the surest ways to find work. With 80% of graduates finding work in their area of training, SuniTAFE students are a big chance to realise their chosen careers.

There’s a few reasons why.
We have made it our business to know exactly what industries there are in the Sunraysia, and the type of skills they need in their workforce. SuniTAFE have teamed up with many local businesses as their training provider and this means we are a great connector between students, training and employers. We know about the jobs that are in demand right now and for the future, like:
  • horticulture and agriculture
  • transport and logistics
  • health and community
  • automotive and engineering
  • food and hospitality
  • construction and trades
  • business, information technology, accounting and management
  • beauty
  • design and visual arts
These partnerships are based on open communication and a shared understanding of the best practices and very latest technologies available for each industry. As a result, SuniTAFE‘s industry partnerships create real job opportunities for graduates.

Local businesses know that SuniTAFE will deliver the type of training they require, and that’s why SuniTAFE graduates are on a sure bet to find the job they are hoping for in their chosen career.
SuniTAFE’s apprentice training is next level, and the 95% completion rate is significantly above average.

We are also rated as No.1 in Victoria for ‘Improved Employer Satisfaction’ and ‘Employer Recommendation’. Simply put, businesses know they’re getting Australian-best-practice in their training. The Skills and Job Centre is located on-campus in Mildura and also in Swan Hill. It provides a range of services to businesses and students, providing cost-free advice on training, study options, career planning, job seeking, skills recognition and much more.

When businesses want to transform their workplace to increase production there is a whole portfolio of services we provide. The Centre also hosts Secondary school open days with industry exhibitors to introduce school leavers to SuniTAFE training programs.

No matter if your journey has just begun or you’re looking for a change in direction, SuniTAFE will put you on a path of success. You can tailor a course of study from a wide variety of units on offer that will give you exactly the qualifications you need for the job you want.

When your CV states you attended Australia’s most highly regarded training institution, it may be the difference that matters.