ELICOS Pre-Intermediate

Entry requirements for ELICOS Pre-intermediate:

  • IELTS 3.0 or equivalent
  • Prior English language learning

Students who cannot provide evidence of their language level will be offered 50 weeks of English, starting at a Pre-Intermediate level. All applicants will be interviewed before their place in the course is confirmed to ensure the course level is appropriate for them. Once onshore, a placement test will be conducted at the beginning of the course to confirm the student’s level or make any necessary adjustment to the course enrolment.

Expected exit level for ELICOS Pre-intermediate:

  • IELTS 4.0

Course duration: from 20 weeks

Progression to the next level depends on demonstrated proficiency at the current level.

Course cost: $2200 per 10 weeks

This course leads to

  1. ELICOS Intermediate

General Contexts 

Short simple texts in a personal and/or familiar context, which may include;

  • Greetings both formal and informal
  • Social dialogues, likes and dislikes
  • Short presentations to the class
  • Short interviews
  • Weather reports
  • Short conversations
  • Short story, narrative
  • Short information text, eg description • classroom instructions • simple directions
  • Simple transactions and exchanges such a borrowing a book at the library, class survey, buying a train ticket.
  • ​Short simple texts for immediate everyday purposes such as: notes, lists, email messages, SMS messages on mobile phones, letters, instructions on parking machines, ATMs, short news article, brochures, poster, flyer, songs, short stories, a simplified novel

Course Units

  • Reading: Identify the topic and the main ideas in the text, Scan the text for specific information, Identify key vocabulary terms.
  • Writing: Use simple sentences and connectives to develop short paragraphs, Use planning and drafting processes to select and order information, Use language to express ideas, opinions and feelings.
  • Listening: Identify the topic, Identify details, Respond appropriately in context and Identify specific words and expressions.
  • Speaking: Use basic expressions or polite forms, State need or request, Give simple information, explanations, instructions or directions, Express feelings, attitudes or opinions.

Assessment Evidence Requirements:

A minimum of two assessment tasks per unit.