COVID-19 Message November 19 2021

There is no doubt that the past 19 months of the pandemic have been challenging for individuals, families, businesses and communities. At SuniTAFE our focus has always been first and foremost the health and safety of our staff and students, and secondly a commitment to ensure our students can progress in their training as best as possible.

We have increased the quantity and quality of materials and resources available online to make blended or remote learning more accessible in almost all of our courses. We have looked for ways to take amore flexible approach to training, and most importantly we have continued to enrol and train students to meet the workforce demands of our region throughout the entire pandemic.

As each vaccination threshold is met for the next phase of Victoria’s Roadmap, we are now at the point where government directions say we can return to on-site learning for students who are fully vaccinated.

From 29 October 2021 all current or enrolling students will need to show evidence they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a signed medical exception to undertake a course on campus or at a an employer’s worksite. Students who are enrolled in a 100% online course do not need to show proof of vaccination.

All students attending on campus or at a work-based training site will also be asked to sign an updated COVID-19 Declaration Form that includes a declaration of their vaccination status and to show evidence of their vaccination status.

SuniTAFE is sighting vaccination records and noting where students have received a COVID-19 vaccination in accordance with the SuniTAFE Privacy Statement which can be viewed at and the Victorian Chief Health Officer Directions.

Students should bring one of the following documents to show to a SuniTAFE staff member who requests this:
  • a COVID-19 digital certificate available from your myGov account (can be printed or shown via the Services Victoria app).
  • your Immunisation History Statement available from your myGov account.
  • a letter/statement from your doctor outlining dates of vaccination.
  • an Australian Immunisation Register medical exemption form (a doctor’s certificate exemption will be accepted up to 12 November 2021).
  • students completing a VETDSS course are excluded from the vaccination requirement

The remainder of 2021 will be difficult for many students who have not yet been fully vaccinated, or who have made the decision to not be vaccinated against COVID-19. We will work with these students as best we can, but recognise that it may not be possible for them to complete their course. 

We thank students, employers, clients and the broader community for their continued support and understanding.

Geoff Dea
Chief Executive Officer