COVID-19 Message current since 11 February 2022

At SuniTAFE our focus has always been the health and safety of our staff and students, and ensuring students can progress and be successful in their training.

The Student and Visitor COVID-19 Vaccination Policy outlines SuniTAFE’s vaccination requirements for students and visitors, including contractors.
  • Students – fully vaccinated (or medical exemption) to attend campus or workplace training unless they are a VETDSS student.
  • Visitors and Contractors – fully vaccinated (or medical exemption) to attend a SuniTAFE campus.
  • Staff – fully vaccinated (or medical exemption) to attend campus or worksites.

From 29 October 2021 all current or enrolling students need to show evidence they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an authorised medical exception to undertake a course on campus or at an employer’s worksite. VETDSS students enrolled with a local secondary college and completing a SuniTAFE course as part of their school studies do not need to provide evidence of vaccination status, although this is strongly recommended. 

Students who are enrolled in a 100% online course do not need to show proof of vaccination.

SuniTAFE is sighting vaccination records and noting where students have received a COVID-19 vaccination in accordance with the SuniTAFE Privacy Statement which can be viewed at and the Victorian Chief Health Officer Directions.

Students should bring one of the following documents to show to a SuniTAFE staff member who requests this at enrolment:
  • a COVID-19 digital certificate available from your myGov account (can be printed or shown via the Services Victoria app).
  • your Immunisation History Statement available from your myGov account.
  • an Australian Immunisation Register medical exemption form.

Reporting of Positive Cases

Any student or visitor who tests positive to COVID-19 and has been on-campus during their infectious period must report this result to SuniTAFE. Students should advise their teacher as soon as possible.

SuniTAFE will endeavour to make contact with all students and staff who may be deemed education contacts to advise them of this situation.

Students and visitors should ensure they comply with all public health orders as mandated.

About our Training

Given the ever changing nature of the pandemic, SuniTAFE has invested in online materials and resources to make blended or remote learning more accessible in almost all of our courses. We have continued to enrol and train students to meet the workforce demands of our region throughout the entire pandemic.
We thank students, employers, clients and the broader community for their continued support and understanding.