Jobs at SuniTAFE

Recruitment Process

SuniTAFE uses merit selection to select the most suitable candidate for a vacant position. SuniTAFE’s recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to equal opportunity by assessing all potential applicants according to their skills, knowledge, qualifications and industry experiences. Candidates are shortlisted who closely match the key selection criteria and requirements for the position description and are free from bias.

To find out more about what its like to work at SuniTAFE visit the Working at SuniTAFE page.

How to Apply Now

Candidates are always encouraged to apply for positions that match their particular skill set. When you are applying for a position at SuniTAFE you will need to supply the following information:
  • A cover letter – tell us a bit about yourself and your experiences
  • A current resume – demonstrating where you have worked and what you have done, be sure to include your professional references
  • Copies of current qualifications – relating to the role you are applying for
  • A document addressing the Key Selection Criteria outlined in the position description
  • For assistance addressing Key Selection Criteria please visit the how to apply page on the Victorian Government Careers website.
All applications must be made by the position closing date and sent to


Short listed candidates are required to report for their interview 15 minutes before their scheduled interview time.

Candidates are provided with a quiet space and 15 minutes with some of the interview questions to enable them to prepare for the interview. SuniTAFE finds that we get the most from our candidates using this method. 

SuniTAFE use Targeted Selection Behavioral Interviewing techniques. In most cases, candidates are interviewed by a panel of three members. The interview panel look for STAR responses to the interview questions, a Situation or a Task, the Action that was taken and the Results of the action.

SuniTAFE endeavors to contact candidates at least one week after the interview has been conducted to let them know the outcome, this allows us time to complete our internal reporting and reference checking. Questions regarding the recruitment process can be directed to the HR Department on 03 5022 3972.

Please see our current positions page to view available roles.